Kinds and Symptoms of Headache

Kinds and Symptoms of Headache

Headache is kind of a sickness that almost people ever dealing with. It can came as a minor short headache up to serious one with unbearable severity. Many people have experience kinds and symptoms of headache differently.

People who usual with headache are know already the best medicine that can get rid of it quickly. Another will try to have same rest or eat something in hope for the pain to reduce. Headache is often felt because its kind of a common disease. Patient with headache can found headache drug easyly at the drug store. Sometimes it works, different type of medicine will affect differently among people. 

Knowing the symptoms of the headache will help to decide the proper act to treat the pain based on it. Exact treatment may result on faster healing and avoid disease to get worsen. Different kind of headache accompanied with different symptoms. Below are some explanation of kinds and symptoms of headache.


Migraine is the most common type of headache that attack people. Migraine usually attack one side of head, right or left only. It getting worse when the patient move the head. Some people may irritated more when there is light, sound or strong smell. Worse migraine will cause patient to suffer vomiting, nausea or diarhoea.

Migraine with aura

This kind of migraine also known as focal or classic migraine. It has neurological distrubance before the patient feel the headache. It occurs with visual disturbances like blind spots, flashing light or vision with zig zag pattern. The other symptoms that can include into migraine with aura is the feels of tingling, pins and needles in the limb. The patient may feel confuse when get words during some talks.

Abdominal migraine

The symptoms behaviour may differ from the previous one, that episodic attack of abdominal pain that will last after several hours. This certain migrain usually appear on children. The children may outgrow the abdominal symptoms and develop typical migraine. As for adults, unless usual accompanying symptoms occurs, it will rarely happen.

Menstrual migraine

This kind of migraine is triggered by hormonal factors that come with monthly period of woman. It usually come along side the period and occur within two days before the period time. However, migrain that come in the middle of monthly period can’t directly defines as menstrual migrain, considering many other factors to trigger the migraine.

Chronic tension-type headache (CTTH)

People with stress and/or depression are typically the victim of CTTH. The pain won’t affect much on the ability to do daily task, even so the patient will still feel the gradual pain on the head. The pressure on the head can stay up to several days.  This kinds and symptoms of headache are rather difficult to distinct. Find the cause and solve it will effectively push CTTH away.

Besides of those kinds and symptoms of headache described above, there are several type that include as the rare varieties of migraine and headache. This rarely happen to people because the factors trigger it is uncommon.

#1. Hemiplegic migraine due to genetic abnormality, temporary paralysis down one side of the body would be one of its symptoms. Another symptoms to watch is difficult to walk, double vision or even blindness, problem with hearing, speaking or swallowing trouble.

#2. Basilar artery migraine due to blood vessel spasm that can reduced blood supply to parts of brain. Some symptoms associated are giddiness, double vision, unsteadiness, or loss consciousness.

#3. Chronic migraine is type of the migraine where patient would have more than fifteen days of headache per month three month respectively.

#4. Cluster migraine cause the patient experience frequent migraine attacks, up to 3 attack in a week.

#5. Medication overuse headache  is happen when the medication taken turns out to be intolerance. The headache will happen more often than before, require higher dosage to relieve the developed pain.

#6. Chronic daily headache defined as headaches that occur more than fifteen days a month. The symptoms that follow the disease such as tension, muscle contraction and medication misuse.

#7. Cluster headache also known as the demon of headaches. The pain is searing, excruciating, knife like that feel in the eye. Patient with cluster headache will try to take unusual positions in order to reduce the pain. The eye turns to red and water came out of it. It sometimes disturbing during sleep time. 

#8. Secondary headache are a symptoms that occurs along with another disease like influenza, blocked sinuses, etc.

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