Symptoms and Causes of Middle and Back Headache

Symptoms and Causes of Middle and Back Headache

Almost every people have been experienced with headache. Neither it is a minor headache which go after a short time, or the one that appeat to be worse accompanied by a serious illness. Headache can attack anyone without considering the age or the gender. Symptoms and causes of headache may be vary for every people.

Headache may come as a symptoms of another disease that develop within the human body. Or it may come as terible pain that tells something wrong inside the head. Symsptoms and causes of headache will vary among the people. The body conditions, environment and activities will cause different type of headache.

Many people consider to have home treatment when the headache attacks. Well recognition on the symptoms will help the patient figure out the best treatment to take. Analyzing the cause of the headache comings can help the patient to avoid the factors in the future.

Primary headache

Migraines, cluster headaches and tension headache are the known primary headache that caused by overactivity of the structure in the head which is sensitive to pain. Blood vessels, muscles and nerves are the common part attacked in primary headache.

Some change of chemical activity in the brain may also trigger this kind of headache. Stress level can also increase the possibility of getting headache. the more stress a person get due to workload or life problem, the more headache happen.

When someone have pain feeling like having tight band around the head, it may defined as tension headache. A constant dull ache will come along, attack both side of the head that will gradually worsened in the middle of the day. When it felt 15 days or more during a month and continue like that for another two months, it is considered as chronic headache that need to be take care immediately. 

Migraine symptoms are different. The patient may have blurred vision for a while, suffering from lightheadedness, nausea and sensory disturbance. Some people may have a few hours of migraine, while the others will suffers up to 3 days of this one-sided headache. Pulsating and throbibing pain are the other additional symptoms to occur.

Cluster headaches are such rarely cases to be found among people. It is named as cluster after the duration of a cluster period of the pain, between 45 – 90 minutes of the same time each day within 4 – 8 weeks. The severe pain comes quickly without any precedent symptoms. The patient will felt sharp burning pain on the headache around the eye. The eye will get the effect of unberable pain that result the eyelid to drop and the nasal passage become stuffy and watery.

Secondary headache

Secondary headaches are described as a side effect of another disease or condition that stimulates nerves pain of the head. Many conditions may have headache as its symptoms, from the alcohol-induced case to a tumor that grow on the brain. If the people fail to differ secondary headache from primary headache, the people will assume it as the normal migraine. Further observation will failed if the patient don’t go to the doctor to get examined.

Secondary headache have various cause that can’t be recognized until the main disease defined. Conditions that may lead to secondary headache are, carbon monoxide poisoning, dehydrahation,  influenza, stroke, glaucoma, brain freeze, blood clots, panic attacks, overuse of medication. It is recommended to go to doctor when the pain getting worsen, regular, and persistent. Such symptoms including confusion, fever and stiffness may indicate serious condition.

Pain killers are easy and fast to get rid off the headache. However, overuse it will cause another kind of headache as the head react differently. People with overuse case will have to increase the dosage to heal the same headache. the pain is worsening when the patient doesn’t continue the medication. Some will have pain on the neck, or have it difficult to sleep, suffer from nasal congestion and restlessness.

Many symptoms can lead the person to conclude the headache as primary or secondary headache. primary headache will effectively healed by taking headache medication. while secondary headache need more observation to make sure what is the disease that result the pain. 

Once symptoms and causes of headache are defined, a right medication should be held to cure the disease. As the disease healed, the headache which come as its symptoms will also go away. Previous headache should give the people a picture on what factors cause the pain that help to avoid it in the future. 

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