Treatment for Back Headache

Treatment for Back Headache

Muscles contractions that happen in the head and neck region can cause back headache to some people. The tension, however, can be relieved by taking aspirin or the similar dru.g. But this treatment for back headache should be use only for urgent case, control the medication not too often to use. Different from one sided headache or mostly known as migraint, the tension that feel in the head and neck area could cause some pain on both side of the head.

Some people may recognized tension back headache as a tight band that attach to the head. The severity range from mild pain up to chronic one. Women are twice as likely to suffer from tension headaches as men. Some patient will get better after one or two remedies, while others suffer chronic headache will need more to lost the pain. Some symptoms may sign the people of more serious illness like stroke, tumor or aneurysm. Slurred speech, loss of balance or high fever may indicate it.

Below are some remedies that might be applied directly when the symptoms come:

Taking some medications

Physician will suggest pain killer like aspirin to help the patient deal with the headache. Because headache are come often, doesn’t mean it is good to use medication as the only cure. Long term use of aspirin and those similar will lead to overuse headache. It means that the pain will come right after the patient stop using the medications. When this happen, the patient will start to depend on the medication to avoid the pain to come back.

Other medication that may be suitable if the pain killer doesn’t work is a muscle relaxant that help the muscle stop from the contractions. Or using anti-depresant which control the serotonin level to deal with stress.

Stress management classes

Employ the body to help healing process can be done by doing some stress management classes. There will be trainer to teach the patient how to have movement or activities to cope with stress. When the body is on its good conditions, it will be easy to relieve tension, produce some relaxation that lighten the body.

Biofeedback, which is part of body relaxation technique, have some programs to help the patient manage pain and stress. Thus, when the disease attack that supposed to come with some severe pain, the body are ready to hold it back.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

It is kind of talk therapy that help the patient recognize the situations that cause stress, anxiety and tension. By doing so, people will be more cautious on doing the activities and try to avoid any possibility to trigger such stress condition. Treatment for back headache with kind of therapy is suitable for minor back headache.


Acupuncture are supposed to help the blood flow smoothly through the vessel, transferring oxigen and nutrient to the body part need it. acupuncture will require the patient to lie down and have some small needle applied to specific areas of the body based on the ache suffered. 


People can get remedies from inside or outside the body. Supplement are intentionally made to supply the lack substances inside the body. Some supplements that are recommended to prevent tension back headache are coenzyme Q10, magnesium, riboflavin.

Another treatment for back headache

Applying a heat or cold pad may help reduce the symptoms. Taking a hot bath or relaxing in the hot tub are another option to relieve the pain and relax the muscles. People who work mostly in front of the computer should remember to have some minutes during the works to prevent eye strain.

The best part of treatment is to minimize the possibility of the back headache to come. When someone experience the headache, some factors that cause it should be noted not to be repeated in the future. Repetitive headache with same symptoms that occurs frequently may have the same factors that trigger it. make a diary to get the whole picture of it. also take some note on how the pain treated and how is the result. Is it turn to give faster healing or not.

Treatment for back headache could be done by any body as long as right after the proper procedure. Killing the pain may result on pain being lost or not. When the people was not sure on what treatment to take, is better to get some advice the professional. Any remedies won’t guaranted the pain not to appear in the future. It is temporary. The best way not to get back headache is to prevent it to happen. 

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